ToffoBean are studio based production team making chilled out beats blending Lounge,
Jazz and Chillout to create a lush laidback soundscape. 
Perfect for relaxing to after a late night or warm sunday mornings with coffee in hand.
Fat Hip Hop beats, warm bass tones and crisp musical sprinkles all add up to create 
a relaxing musical experience.

Robert King

King, who was lead singer with legendary Scottish Post Punk band Scars, whose debut Horrorshow/Adult-Ery has been described as Scotland's Anarchy in the UK with good reason.Their album "Author! Author!" is still considered a classic piece of work to this day and not many musicians can claim that.
Hailing from Leith in Scotland, but now residing in Lyon in France, Robert has yet again chosen to step out as a solo artist after a hiatus from the music scene when he chose to take up a place at The University of Edinburgh to satisfy a lifelong yearning, studying ancient Mediterranean languages and culture.
After Scars, Robert had a colourful existence, collaborating with Warhol Superstar Nico who became his lover and confidante whilst living in Barcelona and Manchester in the 80's. Other notable collaborations included Rezillos and Human League's Jo Callis, 90's Virgin Records' Hip-Hop Groove Machine, Sugar Bullet and Opium Kitchen - still a work in progress for Robert today, with an album in the pipeline. Robert also collaborates with cyber-band Groucho Hand-job and the near future will see him release new music under the myriad monikers of Robert King, Opium Kitchen and Groucho Handjob.

Kung Fu Jesus

Craig Snape aka kung Fu Jesus comes from Lanark in Scotland. To say he is a  singer songwriter is an understatement as he plays all the instruments on his  tracks and does all his own backing vocals. This young man is the complete artist. A prolific writer who fuses classic rock n roll with world rhythms and Beach Boy inspired harmonies, combined with prophetic lyrics covering social injustice, the field of love and spiritual ideology. It really wouldn't be  wrong to call him a Modern day Dylan although at Rubber Taxi we call him The Dark Beach Boy !!! Oh yeah and the songs. It's been a while since you will have heard such great direct and hook laden tunes. Instantly catchy and uplifting. He somehow manages to sound like The Super Furry Animals, Beck,  Iggy Pop and The Cure all at the same time whilst maintaining an individuality which is all his own. This is sublime stuff. To date he has released two singles and one album on Rubber Taxi and had some great reviews which are linked below


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AutoCharm come from the vibrant streets of Glasgow, Scotland in the UK. They are a production team who write and produce their own music from their recording studio in Motherwell. Consisting of producers Phil O'Shea and Dougie McAuley and ably ehanced by David Fotheringham on vocal duties. The team fuse together electronics with real instrumentation to make a blend of Jazzy Disco and chilled Lounge. They are also the main producers and mixers behind most of the music coming out on Rubber Taxi. There are also some stellar remixes coming from them particularly being released on Japanese label 19Box recordings. 

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Electro band The AfterAffects Hail from Glasgow in Scotland and consist of Alan Montgomery on vocals, synths and guitars and Ricky Kyle on synths, drums and programming. They have been together for 8 years and have already produced four albums. This EP is their first for Rubber Taxi. They make music that is hard to pidgenhole, combining elements of Electro, House and Rock. Unlike many faceless electronic outfits Monty's soulful vocals underpin their sound to give them a solid identity of their own, giving them character, humanity and originality. They combine a few slight retro tinges to an otherwise modern production. Overall their music is fresh, edgy, consistent, groovy, soulful and unique in its use of these disparate influences.